Affiliate Program support

  • 1.What is the  Affiliate Program?

    The Affiliate Program is an online marketing platform that allows partners to promoting products online. Register, share our unique referral links, and earn Credit when customers purchase  products via your links. It’s that simple.

    Drone Engr  is an online RC store that supplies up-to-date equipment including drone bundles, upgrades, parts and accessories. FPV gear, rc radio, multicopter combo and everything you need to start FPV or multicopter. Global operations now span across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, with customers in over 100 countries.

  • 2.How do I earn commission?

    Visit Affiliate Program to get your product link and share it online. If  someone clicks your link and buys from the  Online Store you will earn a  commission.

    Commission will only be counted if a person buys a product within  30 days of clicking your link. Your commission will be transferred to your  account only if the product is not returned and refund is not requested within  45 days of purchase.

  • 3.When does the link cookie expire?

    The cookie expires in 30 days. Only orders made within 30 days of  clicking your link will be considered an affiliate sale. Drone Engr Credits will be  transferred into your account only if the consumer fails to return the product  or ask for refund within 15 days of purchase.


  • 4.What types of promotion are not permitted?

    To keep the affiliate program fair, a number of promotion types  are not permitted, including but not limited to the following:

    1) False links: The use of  illegal means to tamper with the target user link.

    2) Creation of programs or  scripts to simulate genuine purchase patterns.

    3) Persistent popups and  full screen popups.

    4) Hiding links under  other content.

    5) Putting links directly  into search engines, including but not limited to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    6) Tricking people into  clicking links.

    7) Creating seemingly  official websites in order to mislead people into purchasing.

    8) Any actions in  violation of Drone Engr Affiliate Program terms.

    Drone Engr has the right to penalize those who violate the the Drone Engr Affiliate Program agreement.


  • 5.What are Pending Earnings?

    Pending Earnings refer  to pending commissions from paid orders. These are not considered as Account  Earnings as buyers may still return the aircraft or request a refund. Account  Earnings refers to the commission generated from successful orders where the  buyer has not requested a refund or returned the product within 45 days of  receipt.

  • 1.What is affiliate sales?

    You can generate an  affiliate sales link for Drone Engr products or accessories.

  • 2.What is the affiliate sales widget?

    The affiliate sales  widget is a widget provided by Drone Engr for your website that syncs with the  Official Drone Engr Online store.


  • 3.What is affiliate marketing?

    Create and share a link  to any page of the Drone Engr website. If someone clicks your link and goes on to make  a purchase, you will earn commission.

  • 4.What is affiliate product sales ?

    Create and share a  product link. If someone clicks your link and goes on to make a purchase you  will earn commission.


  • 5.How do I get an affiliate banner ad for my website?

    Copy the HTML code  below and insert it on your website. Your referral link will be embedded  together with the image. Commission will be earned when a purchase is made  after clicking your link.

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