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Step 1: Flight Controller Mounting

Quadplane Hybrid Drone

To convert a normal radio control aircraft into a drone capable of autonomous flight requires a flight controller/autopilot. This also controls the transition between fixed wing and rotary wing modes – something that would not be possible by human-only control. This aircraft uses a 3DR Pixhawk flight controller and is loaded with the latest firmware version (3.6.0) which has “quadplane” support. Some very clever code, indeed, from the APM software developers! Quadplane Hybrid Drone

The flight controller mounting rails are screwed to the bottom of the fuselage. One cannot use glue, as the polypropylene material does not bond well. The mounting must be absolutely level in relation to the wing seat. If not, then the aircraft will not fly well. The second photo shows how one can use a mobile phone with a bubble level app to achieve this. Note that both roll and pitch axes need to be leveled in relation to the seat of the wing. Quadplane Hybrid Drone

Step 2: Control Surface Hardware Mounting Points

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