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The FDAD-H616L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone, which applies spray fluid with centimetre-level precision at the centre of oil palms, was designed and developed by a FlyDragon team over a 12-month period, and is the latest development in FlyDragon that capitalises on advancements in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

The innovation behind in artificial intelligence (AI) which enable the drone to identify and precisely target the centres of palms through an automated process. First, an aerial mapping drone surveys the land and captures high resolution images; then, GISMAP, an AI software analyses the image data to identify palms, and prepares the flight routes; finally, the information is transmitted to FDAD-H616L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for it to carry out automatic spraying along.

Saving Money and Protecting the Environment.

spraying on the top center of the tree.

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