Autopilot is flight control and navigation system specifically designed for hybrid UAVs (vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing)and is suitable for an aircraft with the conventional fixed wing + quad rotor configuration. It internally integrates the flight control computer and micro-assembly navigation system (GPS/INS). It is, with one-key action, capable of enabling automatic takeoff, landing, hovering, circling, homing, altitude hold and parachute opening and also capable of various autonomous cruise functions based on the preset route.Besides, it has the comprehensive flight status monitoring and alarm functions and asophisticated emergency protection mechanism, to ensure operational safety of the system.

Hybrid UAV with fixed-wing + quadrotor configuration,including the fixed wing aircraft with conventional tail and V-tail and flyingwing and the quadrotor aircraft with “X” configuration.

Conventional fixed-wring(plane) UAV, withconventional tail, V-tail and flying wing;

System features

 Sensor configuration:

◆    GPS/MINScombined navigation integrated micro-system provides the navigation and controlinformation covering 3D position, three-axis attitude, three-axis velocity and three-axis acceleration.

◆    Integratedpneumatic altimeter, with resolution ratio of 0.1m and range of -500~10 000m;

◆    Integrateddifference-pressure air speedometer, with resolution ratio of 1m/s and range of0~100m/s;

◆    2-circuitpulse-width engine speed measurement, with resolution ratio of 1rpm;

◆    Dedicatedvoltage/current measurement module, with voltage range of 0~52V and   current range of 0~200A;

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