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30L Payload Agriculture Spraying Drone



30L  Payload Agriculture Spraying Drone

heavy payload agriculture drones,  30kg capacity payload. The FZ30 series agriculture drone adopts new truss structure with better strength and durability. Z-shaped folding structure makes it small in folded size, easy to transport. he flight controller system adopts group modular design, convenient to install without cumbersome wiring.With ultrasonic flow-meter, high precision weighing module and other parts,you can get the real-time disply of remaining liquid information.  Original creation of water-cooled centrifugal nozzle effectively reduce the working temperature, extend the working life. The waterproof level of the whole drone reaches IP67, the FZ30 can be widely used in various fields.

Main Features:
FZ30 Agriculture drone frame adopts a new truss structure with better strength and durability.

Z-shaped folding structure–Small folding size, more convenient to transport.

The newly upgraded arm locking structure is easy to operate, firm and reliable.

Super large bilateral liquid inlet–Adding pesticides is smoother, and the liquid does not leak.

Snap-in fuselage–Tool-free disassembly.

High front and low tail design, the flight resistance is smaller.

With ultrasonic flow-meter,the sensor and liquid medicine are separated and detected.

High-precision weighing module, real-time display of remaining liquid information.

Early warning of failure information.

Group modular design of flight control system.Convenient installation without cumbersome wiring

Newly Upgraded Spraying System
Equipped with bilateral large diameter impeller pump
With ultrasonic flow-meter,the sensor and liquid medicine are separated and detected.No fear of corrosion, stable and reliable.
Original creation water-cooled centrifugal nozzle, which effectively reduce the working temperature, extend the working life. Delicate droplet particles and large atomization radius.

The waterproof level of the whole drone reaches IP67.
The whole machine is upgraded waterproof from the inside to the outside, the main board of the power supply is potted as a whole, the plug is replaced with a waterproof terminal, and the core module is independently waterproof.

Precise Spreading
Integrated liquid container assembly can change to spreading system quickly. Simple and efficient operation, large feeding port, double the feeding efficiency,
The bow-shaped tripod design can effectively avoid the collision of the broadcasting particles, and the weight of the remaining material can be detected to achieve precise broadcasting.

Same structure, convenient maintenance
The FZ30 and FZ50 adopt the same platform architecture design, more than 95% of the parts are the same, and the spare parts are easier to prepare. Greatly reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.

Package Included:
FZ50 Agriculture drone frame kit x 1
Power system x 4
Water pump x 2
Flow meter x 1
Liquid meter x 1
Centrifugal nozzle x 2
Covert wire board x 1
Board accessories x 1
Flight controller x 1
Receiver module x 1
Camera x 1
Radio x 1
RTK module x 1
Rear obstacle radar x 1
Front obstacle radar x 1
Terrain radar x 1

1. Only the standard version comes with RTK Module and radars.
2. Battery & charger for the drone is not included. The whole package is not assembled and tuned, customers need to assemble and tune the settings. 

· Parameters FZ30 FZ50
Empty weight

(without batteries)

29.8kg 31.5kg
Empty weight

(including battery)

40kg 45kg
Empty spreader weight

(without batteries)

30.5kg 32.5kg
Empty spreader weight

(with batteries)

40.7kg 46kg
maximum take-off weight 70kg 95kg
↑ (Note: The weight parameter has a fluctuation of ±1kg according to the actual product selection and process error)
wheelbase 2025mm 2272mm
Expand Size Spraying:2435*2541*752mm




folded size Spraying:979*684*752mm




no-load hovering time 17.5min(14S 30000mah Battery) 20min(18S 30000mah Battery)
full load hovering time 7.5min  (14S 30000mah Battery) 7min(18S 30000mah Battery)
Working temperature 0-40℃
· Spraying system
Medicine box capacity 30L 50L(suggest loading 45L)
Pump parameters Voltage: 12-18S Power: 30W Maximum flow: 8L/min*2
Nozzle parameters Voltage: 12-18S Power: 500W Atomized particle size: 50-500μm
Effective spray width 4-8m
· Spreading system
Tank capacity 50L 70L
Maximum load 30kg 50kg
Applicable materials 0.5-6mmdry solids
Effective broadcast width 8-12m
· Motor system
motor model 11115 11122
supply voltage 14S 18S
KV 95kv 60kv
Motor maximum power 7350W 9730W
Motor continuous power 2600w 3100w
propeller size 43inch 48inch
· FC system
Operating Voltage 12-80V
Working temperature -10~60℃
RTK positioning accuracy Horizontal ±0.1m, vertical 0.1m
GPS positioning accuracy Horizontal ±1.5m, vertical ±0.5m
Wind resistance level Sustained wind: level 4, gust: level 5
· RC
resolution 1080*1920
display screen 5.5inch
battery life 12h
charging time 5h(20W)
remote control distance 3km(3mHighly unobstructed)
Weight 850g
· Recommended battery
Voltage 14S 18S
capacity 30000mah 30000mah
weight 10kg 13.5kg


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