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drone Lifebuoy delivery rope dropping system for emergency rescue



drone Lifebuoy delivery rope dropping system for emergency rescue

drone Lifebuoy delivery rope suitable for emergency rescue and air cargo transportation. High-strength structural design, small size, light weight and good toughness. It can be applied to many fields such as public security, fire prevention, power line, material transportation, disaster relief, and isolation of relief materials in isolated areas.

This product is suitable for emergency rescue materials, explosives transfer, water sampling test, auxiliary fire protection, and isolated rescued areas in some areas where manpower is unreachable. It is necessary to efficiently and quickly transport electricity in areas that are not conducive to transportation by car or ship.
Force the line and some items in the work to pull.

The rope module has the characteristics of light weight and large mounting weight, especially the rapid expansion and contraction of the traction line and the uniquely designed gravity grab. It can be used in many harsh environments and can deliver materials to the designated ones efficiently, quickly and safely. position.

Lifebuoy is often the key to life-saving when there is a disaster at sea. However, if the victim is too far or inaccessible, the life buoy will not work effectively. The UAV Life Buoy can accurately fly to the location of the victims through the positioning system and thermal sensing. After confirming the location, it automatically descends vertically and becomes a life buoy. Once the victim climbs to the lifebuoy, the drone will float to help the victims return to the shore or rescue boats.



Dimensions: 177mm*110mm*103mm
Outer packing box: 385mm*358mm*175mm
Equipment weight: 1.1KG (with battery)
Installation method Quick release
Power supply mode : Working voltage 24V
Motor Type Brushed DC Motor : Motor power 22W
Motor revolutions: 6000 rpm
Output revolutions: 120 rpm
Reduction ratio: 1:50
Line speed: 10m/min
Delivery line length: 30M
Control method: Signal mode PWM signal
Control distance: 800m (without occlusion)
Expand channel Support M600 extended channel function (If you need this function, please contact sales first)
Maximum load capacity: 5KG
Applicable models: DJI M600 Pro and the wind series or other drone

Remote controller parameter

Dimensions: 180*82*161mm
Weight: 392 grams
Input power: 6V 1.5AA*4
Data output: PS2 interface PPM
Frequency range: 2.4055 – 2.475GHZ
Band width: 500KHZ
Transmitter power: no higher than 20dBm
Low voltage alarm: below 4.2V
Charging interface: none
Antenna length: 26 mm * 2 (dual antenna)
Display mode: STN semi-transparent positive display, 128×64 dot matrix VA73*39 mm LED white backlight

drone delivery ropedrone delivery rope drone delivery rope drone delivery rope drone delivery rope

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm

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