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Heavy load drone with 40KGS payload 20 minutes endurance



Heavy  load drone with 40KGS payload 20 minutes endurance

The FDG100XH UAV platform is a large-load and long-endurance pure electric six-rotor UAV system independently developed by our company. The platform can be equipped with a variety of load equipment, and can realize aerial video data collection and real-time backhaul, 3D mapping, emergency rescue, aerial throwing, aerial shouting, environmental monitoring and other tasks.
The UAV system has the characteristics of stable performance, high reliability, strong environmental applicability, high integration, and simple use among similar products. It can realize fully autonomous take-off and landing, cruise capability, dual redundant flight control system and multiple The safety control strategy ensures the safety and reliability of flight use.
The UAV platform has the following features and advantages:
a) Practical and efficient: with a maximum load capacity of 40kg, it can be equipped with cameras, pods and other security, police, and inspection fields;
b) The take-off and landing site is small and has strong environmental applicability;
c) Low cost of use: standard high-voltage lithium battery with 500 charge and discharge life, no additional cost of use;
d) Simple operation: integrated special flight control and navigation system, the whole process is fully autonomous flight, the operator only needs to send the flight plan, no professional training and operation experience are required;
e) Modular design: no complicated auxiliary equipment is required, and transportation, deployment, maintenance and withdrawal are simple.


Number of rotors: 6
Symmetrical wheelbase: 2300mm
Expanded size (without blades): 2350*2350*900mm (length*width*height)
Folding size: 1200*1200*900mm (length*width*height)
Maximum take-off weight: 100kg
Maximum payload: 40kg
Empty weight (without battery): 22kg
Power battery weight: 35kg
Working frequency band: 2.4GHz
No-load endurance time: 45min (500 meters above sea level)
Fully loaded flight time: 20min (500 meters above sea level)
Maximum climbing speed : 6m/s
Maximum descent speed: 3m/s
Maximum level flight speed: 17m/s
Maximum flight altitude: 5000m
IP protection class : IP45
Operating Ambient Temperature : -20°C to 50°C
Maximum wind resistance: 15m/s (level 7 wind)
Outer dimensions of the transport box: 1200*1200*1000mm (length*width*height)
Customization: Customizable mount interface
Shipping weight (including air box): 90kg


Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 100 cm

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