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Hercules FDT100 heavy lift drone with max 70kg payload



Hercules FDT100  coaxial octocopter is a multipurpose & heavy lift drone with max 70kg payload , and 60min endurance without payload, and 45 minutes with 10KGS payload, which is an ideal drone for firefighting or logistics transportation etc. The high-strength carbon fiber integrated die opening body gives the whole machine lighter and stronger excellent properties. Detachable machine arm, effectively saving transportation space.Pluggable battery, effectively saving time.Convenient and fast installation and disassembly, improve work efficiency. Hercules FDT100 is equipped with 8 ABC super fine dry powder fire extinguishing balls to replace investigators to go deep into the fire scene at the first time, accurately identify the fire point through thermal imaging, and carry out sequential throwing to improve the fire extinguishing efficiency. Hercules FDT100 can equipped with 23kg super fine dry powder fire extinguishing tank, which goes deep into the fire site for the first time and can extinguish fire for up to 100 m³ at a time, Quickly open the life channel and let the commander master the on-site information. Hercules FDT100 can equipped with visual automatic tracking fire-extinguishing bomb, which can carry out infrared recognition and AI recognition indoors, and provide all-round fire site information on the premise of reducing the operation requirements of the flying hand.

Product material: Carbon fiber + aviation aluminum
Maximum takeoff : 140 kg
Number of rotors: 4-axis 8-propeller
Positioning system: RTK
Maximum load: 70 kg
Endurance: 45 minutes with 10KGS payload
Maximum flight speed: ≤ 25 m/s
Unfold size: 1587 x 1514 x 891 mm
Dynamic system: FOC efficient power system
Folding size: 880 x 760 x 540 mm
Power battery: 16s 72000mAh *2

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 110 × 104 × 100 cm

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