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vtol uav fixed wing FDVF15 for Inspection



vtol uav fixed wing FDVF15 for Inspection

The  FDVF15  vtol uav fixed wing UAV platform is an electric long-endurance composite wing vertical take-off and landing UAV independently developed by our company. It uses a fixed-wing combined with a four-rotor composite wing overall layout to solve the problem of vertical take-off and landing of fixed-wing UAVs in a simple and reliable manner. The problem of landing, combined with the characteristics of fixed-wing UAV’s long flight time, high speed and long distance, and the function of vertical take-off and landing of rotary-wing UAV, the vertical take-off and landing mode greatly enhances the environmental adaptability of the modified UAV platform. UAV platforms can operate smoothly in areas with complex terrain and dense buildings such as mountains, hills, jungles, etc., which greatly expands the scope of UAV applications and is an ideal choice for industrial-grade UAVs.
The FDVF15 UAV platform is equipped with an industrial-grade vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing flight control and navigation system, as well as professional aerial photography, aerial survey and inspection ground station software, which can ensure that the UAV can fly autonomously throughout the entire process without operator intervention to complete autonomous take-off and flight status During flight phases such as transition, autonomous cruise, and autonomous landing, it also supports automatic route planning for 1,000 waypoints and an emergency alternate landing plan for 100 waypoints.
The UAV platform has the following characteristics and advantages:
a) Practical and efficient: fixed-wing UAV has the characteristics of long flight time, fast speed, long distance and large load;
b) The new overall layout of the delta wing, with more accurate flight pressure on autonomous routes, and excellent control performance;
c) It has a larger load compartment, which can meet more mounting requirements;
d) Vertical take-off and landing: The take-off and landing method of a rotary-wing UAV greatly reduces the requirements for take-off and landing sites and airspace;
e) Low cost of use: no need for complex and heavy launch and recovery equipment, and no need to add additional recovery sensors;
f) Simple operation: integrated special flight control and navigation system, full autonomous flight throughout the whole process, the operator only needs to send the flight plan without professional training and operating experience;
g) Compact system: No complicated auxiliary equipment is required, and transportation, deployment, maintenance, and withdrawal are simple.


Body length 1.4m
Wingspan 2.6m
Load compartment length 200mm, width 200mm, height 120mm
Maximum take-off weight 15kg
Maximum payload 3.5kg
Endurance time 150min@1.5kg payload (counterweight)
80km flight radius
Maximum control distance Remote control (manual control): 1km
Ground station control (depending on the carried data transmission distance): standard 30km
Stall speed 75km/h
Cruising speed 80-100km/h
Ceiling 4000m
Maximum wind resistance 12m/s (level 6 wind)
Use environment -10℃+45℃; prevent light rain
Power battery 2*30000mAh-6s lithium battery
Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing


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