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Foldable rotor VTOL UAV FDG6E long endurance



Foldable rotor VTOL UAV long endurance

Foldable rotor VTOL UAV FDG6E have the unique retractable rotor technology can realize the automatic retraction of the rotor after the aircraft takes off and lands vertically, greatly reducing the resistance suffered by the aircraft during cruising flight. Data shows that retracting the rotors during cruise can reduce flight resistance by up to 50% compared to deploying the rotors. which have Anti-light rain design, can work normally in the temperature environment of -20°C to 55°C, vertical take-off and landing wind resistance ≥ 13m/s, cruise wind resistance ≥ 28m/s. When the fixed-wing mode is out of control, the aircraft can enter the multi-rotor mode; when the multi-rotor mode is out of control, the aircraft can enter the gliding mode. Quick-release structure design, two people can complete unpacking to take-off within 2 minutes.


Wingspan: 3.8m
Length : 2.3m
Practical takeoff power: 36kg
Maximum load capacity: 10kg (sea level)
Endurance time/range:
(no wind, 300m above sea level, good load rectification) >5.5h (1kg load) />480km
Practical Ceiling: >7000m
Data link range: 30km, 50km, 100km (optional)
Wind resistance: level 7 for takeoff and landing, level 10 for cruise
Operation unfolding/folding time: <2min, two people operate
Take-off and landing positioning accuracy: 0.5m
Rainproof ability: light rain
Working environment temperature: -20~55℃




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