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H620L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture



H620L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture

Hybrid crop spraying drone is features a gasoline + electric power system with great flight times and easy maintenance! This hybrid drone for crop spraying is portable thanks to folding arms and the modular design. The H620L crop dusting UAV can be used for any spraying missions – use it for agricultural, solar panel cleaning, roof spraying and anything else where a spraying drone would save you time and money! The FH620L crop sprayer Hybrid is perfect for customers who don’t want to deal with battery charging or storage. This spraying UAV is also a great candidate for extreme cold or hot climates where drone batteries suffer.

Using drones for agriculture increases the precision and efficiency with which farmers can work, and makes it easier to make informed land management decisions. Drones can be deployed for a wide variety of tasks, including monitoring of livestock and the health of crops, estimation of soil conditions, planting of future crops, and countering infections and pests.

This powerful propulsion system allows the UAV to carry up to 20 litres of liquid in total (including the fertilizer), with a maximum takeoff weight of 65 kg. The drone can therefore operate for longer and cover more farmland in a single flight, without the need for farmers to take heavy batteries out into the field.



wheelbase 2028MM
Unfolded size 2643*2569*885MM
Folded size 1192*623*885MM
Tank capacity 20L
Frame weight 10.85KGS
Frame and spraying weight 12.5KGS
Frame and motor sets & Hybrid generator weight 37.5KGS
No-load takeoff weight 37.5KGS(including 1*14S 10000mAh battery 3.6KGS)
Full load Take-off weight 65KGS
Nozzle Ceramic sprinkler head imported from Germany/China
Number os nozzles 4pcs
Flight Speed 3-8 Meter /Sec
Spray width 3-6 Meter /Sec
Max spraying flow 1.5-3 kg/min. (Max. 4kg/min.)
spaying efficiency 1.5-3 Acres/Min.
Water Pump Pressure 0.48mPa
Delivery package size Aluminum Box  1300*650*900mm  45kg
Transport volume weight 152kg
The fuselage material Carbon fiber composite
Max flight time (no load) 45min(with 3L fuel)
Max flight time (full load) Continutes working
The tank volume 20L
Working temperature work   -15°C~45°C
Signal effective range 2km
Flight Control systems Boying
Dynamic System Hobbywing X9 , tube: 40mm
Spraying System High Pressure Spray
The battery specification 14S 10000mah*1PCS
work power 58V(14S)
Charging Time 0.5-1hour
Recharge Cycles 200-300 times
Daily efficiency(6hours) 300-500acres
Storage ambient temperature For less than 3 months: – 20 ° C ~ 45 ° C
For more than 3 months: – 22 ° C ~ 28 ° C
Hover time No-load flight Time: 45minutes
Full-Load flight time: continue working with fuel added
Standby time of remote control 8hrs
1. Android ground station, easy to use / PC ground station, full voice broadcast
2. Router Setting support, Fully Auto Flight operation with A,B Point operation.
3. One Button take-off and landing, More safety and time saving.
4. Contrinue Spraying at Breakpoint, Auto Return when finish liquid and low Battery.
5. Liquid Detection, Break Point record setting.
6. Battery Detection, Low Battery return and Record point setting available.
7. Terrain following Radar, Stable Altitude setting
8. Vibration Protection, Lost Contact protective, Tank empty detect
9. Motor Sequance Detection and Direction detection Function.
10. Dual Pump Mode
11. The night vision function
12. Three anti – one lamp
Parameter of the Spraying system
Water Pump: 12S brushless water pump
Nozzle: Extension rod Y shape double 1.0 nozzle
Extension rod U shape double 1.0 nozzle
Note: The drone can work with two water pumps or 4 pumps, you can use them according to your requirements. When the 2 water pump works, one water pump controls 4 nozzles, and when the four water pump works, one water pump controls 2 nozzles. Four pumps can support independent spraying in front and back, and the atomization effect is better. Two pumps do not support independent spraying in front and back, which has better cost and other functions are consistent;
Main feature
1. Crossfolding Method ,The arms of the H616L are folded in a staggered way, minisize the folding size, more convenient for transportation.
2. Integrated Fuselage Frame The fuselage frame of the H616L Agriculture spraying drone is formed n one body, which simplify the structure and improve the strength of the frame. Therefore, the H616L has good durability and reliability.
3. Quick Release Battery & Tank The water tank of the H616L adopts plug-in design, and the battery can be placed vertically in the battery compartment.The size of the battery compartment is 168mm in length, 93mm in width and the height is not limited. Any 12S battery in this size can use on the H616L drone. It is convenient to replace the tank and battery.
4. Dustproof and Waterproof The whole drone is dustproof and waterproof, and the waterproof grade reachs IP65. The frame can be washed directly with water.
5. Great Expandability The radar, fpv camera, pump and some other parts can install on the drone.


Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 135 × 70 × 90 cm

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