water flow meter for Agricultural spraying drone high precision Small flow sensor T1A / K3A dedicated

water flow meter aiming at the agricultural plant protection in view of the actual demand of modern precision agriculture, our intelligent flow meter and large-scale data management system is mainly used for farmland management. This platform can be compatible with a variety of plant protection equipment and can achieve the spray speed and flow of pharmaceutical precision matching, flexible adjustment, and can store and return real-time spray flow, operating area and operations Remote data, in the background of large data management platform for statistical analysis and massive data processing, so that end-users, plant protection services, management, monitoring and management of plant protection operations, Through mobile phones, computers and other terminals independent, real-time access to control the required farmland protection information.

This system platform is the basis of modern precision agriculture and agricultural data, the core of all types of agricultural plant protection companies, agricultural service cooperatives and agro-chemical manufacturers and other industry users with high practical value.

Precautions for use:
1. Severe impact and chemical attack are strictly prohibited.
2. It is strictly forbidden to throw or collide.
3. Vertical installation, the inclination does not exceed 5 degrees.
4. The medium temperature should not exceed 120 °C.
Output waveform: square wave
Lead line mode:
1. Red IN is connected to the positive pole
2. Yellow OUT signal output line
3. Black GND is connected to the negative pole
water flow meter
Inner diameter 2mm Frequency: F=98*Q (Q is flow L/min) Error: ±3 flow completes one liter of water output 5880 pulses
Flow range: 0.2-3L/min
Inner diameter 3.5mm Frequency: F=43*Q (Q is flow L/min) Error: ±5 flow completes one liter of water output 2580 pulses
Flow range: 0.3-6L/min
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

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