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FDAD-Q410L 10L Crop Spraying Drones sprayer drone for Agriculture frame KIT



Crop Spraying Drones FDAD-Q410L 10L Crop Spraying Drones sprayer drone for Agriculture

Crop Spraying Drones FDAD-Q410L 10L agriculture crop spraying drones. 10L agriculture crop spraying drone is always the most popular. FDAD-Q410L 10L agriculture drone is specially designed for the most popular 10L capacity.  The effective capacity of the drone is 10L. It adopts a quick-release water tank and battery, compact body, light in weight and convenient to fold. Radar and FPV cameras are the first choice for entry-level plant protection drones, there reserved installation space for them on the FDAD-Q410L 10L series drones.

Item Model: FDAD-Q410L
Diagonal wheelbase: 1513mm
Size: 946*1545*673mm
Folded Size: 850*505*673mm
Arm Diameter: 40mm
Effective Capacity: 11L
Frame Weight: 6.35kg
Frame+Spraying System Weight: 12.5kg
Frame+Power System Weight: 11.5kg
No-Load take-off weight: 17.3kg
Max take-off weight: 27.3kg
No-load flight Time: 21minutes (42.8V)
Full-Load flight time: 8.5 minutes (42.8V)

Please note this is just for frame KIT

Main Features:
Crossfolding Method

The arms of the FDAD-Q410L are folded in a staggered way, minisize the folding size, more convenient for transportation.

Integrated Fuselage Frame
The fuselage frame of the FDAD-Q410L Agriculture spraying drone is formed n one body, which simplify the structure and improve the strength of the frame. Therefore, the FDAD-Q410L has good durability and reliability.

Quick Release Battery & Tank
The water tank of the FDAD-Q410L adopts plug-in design, and the battery can be placed vertically in the battery compartment. The size of the battery compartment is 168mm in length, 93mm in width and the height is not limited. Any 12S battery in this size can use on the FDAD-Q410L drone. It is convenient to replace the tank and battery.

Dustproof and Waterproof
The whole drone is dustproof and waterproof, and the waterproof grade reachs IP65. The frame can be washed directly with water.

Great Expandability
The radar, fpv camera, pump and some other parts can install on the drone. The below picture is just for reference.

Below is the picture of the frame KIT.


Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 30 cm

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