power distribution board for Octocopter High Current PDB for DIY agricultural drone 

If the need for 6S power supply, please connect the left side of the red line, and the right of the black line, the middle two is a series node, is a short circuit, can not be connected to the two lines in series, must be connected to the two batteries can be used normally
Model: V3-E
Size: φ120 * 14mm
Weight: 130g (welded, does not contain silica gel wire)
Scope: Octocopter
Four main power lines for the 10awg silicone line, the length of 20cm, according to the size of different models cut length after welding power connector;
Four main power lines on the left red and black for all the way, the right red and black for all the way, two power lines can be directly connected to two 6S battery, power distribution board within the two series has been handled well;
Side eight XT60 female interface output for the 12S, to the power supply;
In addition to the side of the power supply interface, except for the other four adjacent to the interface to the other equipment power supply;
Up to two XT30 female interface for the 6S power interface, the 6S power supply from the series of two batteries in the end of the total, up two XT30 male interface for the 12S power interface;
Distribution board package contains XT30 male and female, but does not contain XT60 male, need to be equipped with XT60
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

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